Walter E. Olson Memorial Library

203 N. Main Street (715)479-8070


Volunteers are very important to the smooth running of Olson Memorial Library. Their many tasks include:

  • Circulation desk--checking books in and out, entering new patrons
  • Shelving books and other materials
  • Preparing books and other materials for the shelves--applying book protection covers, CD and DVD protectors, affixing labels
  • Repairing books
  • Searching for and preparing books and other materials for Interlibrary Loan delivery and/or for hold shelf when received
  • Calling patrons when Interlibrary Loan materials have been received
  • Helping in our childrens' department 
  • Correspondence to donors

To volunteer, call Mickee Stuckemeyer at 479-8070 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
We are proud of these dedicated volunteers who
have contributed many hours helping at the library.

   Our 2014 Volunteer of the year is Helen Welch.  Helen is an extraordinary volunteer at the Olson Memorial Library; she truly does make a difference and is completely dedicated to all the tasks she performs. You will see her shelving books when they are returned or working at the booksale. She is enthused about any task we ask her to do and brings the absolutely warmest smile to everyone she comes in contact with.  We are extremely proud to claim Helen as a volunteer.  CONGRATULATIONS HELEN!

Joyce Blaser
Gary Fawcett
Joann Gelling 
Bev Ginnow
Norda Gromoll
Connie Hill
Karen Labelle
Rebecca Wussow
Lynda Bolte
Jo Langley
Kathy Mortimer
Helen Welch
Suzanne Kubacki

Shirley Noonan
Leni Oas
Mary Petersen
Lowell Petersen  
Marian Roth
Ruth Scheskie
Betty Jo Trinrud
Judy Wainwright
Norma Yaeger
Jayne Winblad
Kathy Mortimer
Jane Mittel
Chris Ring